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Memorable private boat tours in Haarlem

Discover the hidden gems of the city

Whether it’s a romantic date, a birthday celebration, a business meeting, or just a day out with friends or family, a private cruise with Smidtje Canal Cruises guarantees unforgettable moments. Step aboard, lean back, and let yourself be carried away by the enchanting canals of this historic city. Experience the magic of Haarlem like you’ve never experienced before.

Laurens Jan Zoon Coster

Event Ship

A perfect boat to enjoy the city with friends, family, or colleagues. Experience Haarlem from the water in the stylish Laurens Coster. With the luxurious (flexible) interior, dance floor, and full bar, the boat is suitable for many occasions. The ship is equipped with heating, toilet, bar, and a stereo and microphone system on board. In good weather, your party can enjoy the deck. Very suitable for weddings, dinners, and business events.

  • Maximum capacity of 85 people.
  • Cruising time per hour (minimum 2 hours) € 325,- excluding VAT.

Frans Hals

Tour Boat

The Frans Hals has a fixed arrangement with a lovely open deck. This boat is ideal for larger groups and companies. From the open deck, you can enjoy the surroundings from the waterside. Among others ideal for sightseeing tours, birthdays, and corporate events.

  • Maximum capacity 26 persons.
  • Sailing price per hour € 295,- excluding VAT ( minimum 2 hours)

Pieter Teyler

Tour Boat

The Pieter Teyler has fixed chairs in a round sit of four with a table in the middle. This boat is ideal for a canal cruise. It suits up to 40 guests with sides windows that can be opened and two rooftop windows that can open on sunny days.

  • Maximum capacity of 40 persons.
  • Sailing price per hour € 295,- excluding VAT( minimum 2 hours)


Luxury Boat

Experience the lovely city of Haarlem from the water in the elegant sloop of the Bavo. A perfect boat for friends, family, or co-workers to enjoy the city.

  • Maximum capacity 36 persons.
  • Sailing price per hour € 275,- excluding VAT ( minimum 2 hours)
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Receive a tailor-made quotation

Ready to discover Haarlem’s hidden beauty? Request your quote now and experience an unforgettable private cruise through the Venice of the North! Fill out our contact form and receive a tailor-made cost package, including a selection of our best boat suited for your party and delightful catering options. We make your experience complete and memorable.

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