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Alkmaar Cheese Cruises

Welcome to Alkmaar Cheese Cruises!

Alkmaar Cheese Market

Embark on a unique journey through the heart of Alkmaar, where centuries-old traditions meet modern comfort. Our Cheese Cruises offer you an unforgettable experience, blending the charm of the historic city centre with the savoury delights of Dutch cheese.

Join us as we navigate the picturesque canals of Alkmaar, offering panoramic views of iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Whether you’re a cheese enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking relaxation, our cruises promise something special for everyone.

Relax on our spacious decks, savouring the flavours of local cheeses and refreshing beverages from our onboard bar. With comfortable seating, heating for cooler days, and knowledgeable guides, we guarantee a memorable experience for individuals, families, and groups alike.

Our boat departs from the Cheese Market at Waagplein. The Cheese Market takes place every last Friday of March until the last Friday of September from 10AM to 1PM.

These are our departure times: 10.30AM, 12PM, 1.30PM and 3PM.

Abourt the Cheese Market in Alkmaar

Indulge your senses at the renowned Alkmaar Cheese Market, where the art of cheese-making comes to life. Witness the spectacle of Dutch Cheese Masters showcasing their craft at Waagplein, then set sail on our 100% electric boat, fully equipped for your comfort and enjoyment.

Experience the hustle and bustle of the market, sample exquisite cheeses, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere before embarking on a leisurely cruise through Alkmaar’s enchanting waterways. Our guided tours, available in multiple languages, provide fascinating insights into the city’s rich history and cultural heritage.